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Birthday Party

Monthly Birthday Registration


If you would like your child to celebrate his\her birthday at school, kindly register before the 15th of the current month to allow us to make the proper preparations. 

The celebration will take place on the last Thursday of the month. 


Dear Parents,

We are so glad that you chose to celebrate your son’s\daughter’s

birthday with his\her friends at school.

We would really appreciate your cooperation to make this day

a remarkable day for all of us:


Please, take into consideration that cupcakes are always better as it may not cause allergy to the kids at this age.

You are most welcome to send giveaways for the whole class and we’ll appreciate it if it’s not sweets or chocolates. Simple gifts are always the best choice for them to enjoy.

Please, remember that birthdays are celebrated only at the last Thursday of each month.


Supporting us by keeping the regulations mentioned above is highly appreciated.

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